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[VIDEO]: Dillon Cooper – Kung Foo

This Thursday, Brooklyn native Dillon Cooper is unleashing his highly anticipated debut mixtape on the world. Cozmik, named after his friend Brian “Cozmik” Scott who was killed in 2009, contains 17 tracks – one of them being the Phenom-produced “Kung Foo.”

Dillon has released a slew of high quality visuals in his young career, so it was only right to let one more loose prior to the mixtape’s arrival. The video premiered over at Hypetrak, and like the last few, it was shot and edited by Pio DiBenedetto of HLR Boston. “Kung Foo” is simple in concept but undeniably effective as the focus never strays from Dillon’s intricate rhyme schemes and tight bars. The beat has a raw Brooklyn feel with a true bounce, and the young emcee brings it to life in a way few others could. The hook is extremely catchy as well – I can’t wait to see this track performed live.

Sidenote: Dillon is on this year’s Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival lineup. The festival takes place July 10th-13th, grab tickets HERE.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’ll say it again. The future is very bright for Dillon Cooper. This is a name you’ll be seeing everywhere within the next couple years, so my advice is to hop on the bandwagon now before it’s full.

Cozmik will be available for free download in two days. Stay tuned.

“Physical lightweight but mentally I’m heavy yo, a dynamo, ADD try to prescribe me Adderall, in gym class I watched bitches playing bodyball, Puerto Rican cuties got Twitter names with an underscore..”



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