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[VIDEO]: Chance The Rapper – Acid Rap Live

Look man, I’ve been heralding Chance for well over a year now. I’ll try to keep it short and sweet with this astounding “Acid Rap Live” video.

A couple minutes into watching this video for the first time, I tweeted:

“The fact that Chance has such incredible documentation of his rise to superstardom is a true testament to vision and the work ethic of a TEAM.”

In this case, the team is Austin Vesely (per usual) and a slew of talented cameramen that helped make Vesely’s directorial vision come to life. “Acid Rap Live” is a visually-striking documentation of Chance’s shows on back-to-back nights at The Metro in Chicago last weekend to celebrate the April 30th release of the already acclaimed Acid Rap mixtape.

You’ll see as you watch that included in the 8:30 length video is a full live performance of “Paranoia” – known to many as the second half of “Pusha Man” – which is easily my favorite song of the year to date, perhaps one of my favorites of all time. Chance is joined by incredible live instrumentation creating a never-before-heard version of the record catered specifically for the sold out crowd of over 1,000 fans.

Chance is going on tour with Mac Miller this summer all over the United States, then he’s hitting Europe with Macklemore in the fall. His rise to superstardom is one that will be realized by many very soon for anyone who (unfortunately) hasn’t taken note yet.

This video sums up why I love Chance so much, and more importantly, why I have so much respect for he and his team as a whole. A lot of confused young artists think they have what it takes to make it in hip-hop. When they stumble, they’re quick to blame their lack of progress on not having the right team – manager, videographer, producers, etc. As Vesely said in my recent interview with him (read below), “Chance is a success machine.” The most successful artists make people want to with for them – better yet, proud to work with them. Same goes for fans. Chance made me want to be a fan. He made me want to be a supporter. He made me proud to have a small hand in his rise.

And that’s why we have a video like this. Chance created such a phenomenal energy on his own – and it started with heart and passion – that a whole crew of incredible videographers (and a hell of a soundman in Jake Lipp – that live audio makes the video) wanted to make something as spectacular as this “Acid Rap Live” video simply to have a hand in Chance’s success. If that isn’t special, if that isn’t what this is all about, I don’t know what is.

Stay tuned for more. Chance The Rapper is gonna be everywhere real soon.

DOWNLOAD: Chance The Rapper – Acid Rap

READ:  The Fresh Heir Interviews Austin Vesely

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