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[BEAT TAPE]: The Articype – Evolution (The One Day Beat Tape)

On Saturday, May 11th, Boston-based producer The Arcitype – one of the most talented, well-respected beatmakers in the city – brought his portable studio inside Kyoto Jungle, a local clothing boutique off Newbury Street run by Annie Mulz, and put together a 10-track beat tape from start to finish in eight hours.

The tape, called Evolution (The One Day Beat Tape), is an incredible work of art on more than one level. I stopped by Kyoto Jungle for an hour or so during Arcitype’s creation process, probably around 4 PM. At that point, he had been in the [makeshift] lab for four hours and was working on his sixth beat of the day. He had also not had anything to eat and was trying to strategize to determine when would be a good time to get some food but also be able to knock out the remainder of the tape by the self-imposed 8 PM deadline.

I stood there and couldn’t help but smile. Not only was incredible music being made right before my (and the rest of the onlookers’) eyes, but the whole premise was entertaining, and the fact that Arcitype and Annie Mulz even thought to team up for such a project was inspiring. Music is about thinking outside the box, and the creation of the tape – which was essentially a live performance – was a perfect example of just that.

The tape contains no samples, and all parts were played and/or recorded on the spot in the store. The entire conceptualization of the tape took place in that eight hour span in Kyoto Jungle, yet if a casual listener was to stumble across the tape without knowing the story behind it, he/she might think it took months to craft.

I’m glad I was able to witness part of the creation of Evolution and see one of the most talented producers around show off his talent firsthand. Below is the free download link to the 10-track tape. At the top of the page – if you haven’t watched already – check out the promo video made by HLR Boston that serves as a trailer of sorts for those that don’t know the story and concept behind the tape.

Download Evolution below, and stay tuned for more from The Arcitype and AR Classic Records.

DOWNLOAD: The Arcitype – Evolution (The One Day Beat Tape)



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