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[New Music]: Wally Left – Came Of Age

I’ve had this new track from Raleigh, North Carolina native Wally Left sitting in my inbox for a couple weeks now, but in the midst of my final scramble to graduate college on time (success), “Came Of Age” slipped through the cracks. I finally just sat down to give it a good listen, and I ended up giving it several.

“Came Of Age” is a very impressive.. well.. coming-of age-song that was appropriately released on Wally’s 18th birthday. On my first passive listen, the track sounded jumbled – Wally spitting furiously with little regard for staying on pace with the andrewwilson beat. On my second time through, though, I listened more closely, and it all just worked so well.

Wally sounds like a young Blu on this track, and I can’t help but draw loose similarities between “Came Of Age” and one of my favorite tracks of all time, Blu’s “In Remembrance Of Me.” Both are extraordinarily reflective – Blu at age 22, and Wally here at 18. They both rhyme about their experiences in life to date and how they play into what will soon be turning points in their young lives. In “Came Of Age,” Wally touches on everything from taking care of his family to experiencing love at a young age to pursuing dreams while maintaining a grasp on reality, and everything in between.

Like I said earlier, if you listen to this track just once, there’s a whole lot you’re going to miss. Close your eyes and run it back a few times. You’ll catch gems like:

“Gotta take what they offer, and chasin’ dreams is an option, and it can land you in a hammock, or it could land you in a land where no one’s handing you money and food, you scramblin’ for a piece of the pie..”


“Labels is fucking shady, rappers ain’t fucking caking I do it all for the love, but love gon’ feed a crying baby?”

This song is special because it brings me back to the exact same time in my life. I had so many questions and so few answers the day I turned 18. I was hungry and curious, just as I still am four years later, but I had no idea what the future would bring me. None of us really do. “Came Of Age” is a track that serves as a reminder that not knowing is actually a beautiful thing – perhaps the best part of life, really.

If you’re digging this track, check out Wally’s LCGT$ project that he dropped back in August which features eight tracks over a handful of Chuck Inglish instrumentals taken from two of his beat tapes.

Stream and download “Came Of Age” above, and stay tuned for more. This kid has a bright future.



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