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[VIDEO]: Vic Mensa – DID IT B4

Earlier this week, Chicago’s Vic Mensa unleashed a new video for “DID IT B4,” the first single off his upcoming project, INNANETAPE. The self-produced track has a high-octane, maniacal feel, and Austin Vesely‘s expectedly impressive work on the visuals fits the vibe perfectly and truly brings the record to life.

This is just the latest offering from the SaveMoney militia, and Vic is definitely making a statement with the rather formless, edgy track as the project’s first single. Vic announced the breakup of Kids These Days with the drop of the video, and though that certainly engendered some disappointment, I’m very excited to see where his solo career goes from here.

Stay tuned for more news regarding the release of INNANETAPE and everything SaveMoney.

PS – Rare fact: those are real cow brains you’re seeing in the video. Austin told me.



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