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[VIDEO]: The Fresh Heir Interviews Martin $ky

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know Chicago hip-hop has taken the national scene by storm over the course of the past year or so.

Chance The Rapper just shook up the entire game with Acid Rap, the rest of the SaveMoney crew is moving full speed ahead, Chief Keef‘s been making headlines weekly for one reason or another since last summer – and that’s just scratching the surface. Chicago is no longer hip-hop’s hidden secret.

While I was at SXSW this past March, I had a chance to interview one of Chicago’s next up. Maybe you’ve heard the name, maybe you haven’t. But whether or not this is your first exposure to Martin $ky, I promise it will be far from the last.

The 18-year-old emcee has been heavy on his grind for the past year or so, but I recently caught onto Martin when I stumbled across the Dinero Dynasty track “Upper Echelon” on Ruby Hornet on which he and Kembe X, another one of my favorite young Chicago artists, were both featured.

I was so impressed with Martin’s verse that I had to dig for more right away. It turns out he had dropped a new video for a song called “Invitation” that same week (WATCH HERE), and the video is still one of my favorites of 2013 so far four months later.

I was able to connect with Martin while we were both in Austin a couple months ago. We kicked it for an hour or so, chopped it up about everything hip-hop, SXSW and more, then found a spot by the river to shoot the interview. As you’ll see in the video, he touches on the Chicago scene, the story behind “Invitation,” what fans can expect from his forthcoming mixtape #timeLESS, and more.

I had faith in Martin as an artist before meeting him – the quality of the music is undeniable – but after sitting down with him and getting to know him a bit as a person and understanding his mentality behind his approach to the music-making process and the game as a whole, I have no doubt he’s going to make major waves in the next year.

Head over to to check out his latest material, and stay tuned for more.

Edited by Goodwin and T.Ru. Instrumental by J. Dilla.

Martin $ky Screenshot


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