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[New Music]: Shuko ft. Blu – Be Yourself
















If this isn’t a “start your week off on the right foot” song, I’m not sure what is.

It’s 9 AM on this beautiful Monday, and I just stumbled across some new heat from Blu and German producer Shuko in the form of an inspirational track called “Be Yourself.”

“It’s all about the ups, makin’ it over humps, the humps, makin’ it out the slumps…”

Blu bursts right out of the gates with positive energy over the jumpy beat, and the track feels like nothing but sunny skies the rest of the way. I can’t imagine waking up and starting my day with a more appropriate record. I’ve had it on repeat for the last 15 minutes, and since there was no option to download the track as a standalone, I just went ahead and purchased Shuko’s The Awakening EP, on which “Be Yourself” is included, for a small handful of Euros. I’m very excited to listen to the rest of it.

Hip-hop needs more of this. Stream Blu and Shuko’s “Be Yourself” below, or grab The Awakening in its entirety RIGHT HERE (for 4 Euros – $5.23) so you can throw it on your iPhone and run it back all day long. Shouts to Potholes In My Blog for the link.


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