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[VIDEO]: Alex Wiley – Thug Angel

Earlier today, Alex Wiley unleashed a set of visuals for “Thug Angel,” the first single off his debut mixtape, #ClubWiley.

I’ve been following Wiley for over a year now – several months before his appearance on Chance The Rapper‘s #10Day (which coincidentally dropped this day last year) – and have been highly anticipating a project from the fast-rising spitter since.

“Thug Angel” is a heavy, hard-hitting track powered by that infamous Odd Couple production, and the Elevator-directed video is fittingly loud. This release does a good job of polishing Wiley’s image and hinting at the transition soon to come as a result of his work with the Chicago-based independent label, Closed Sessions, through which #ClubWiley will be released.

Perhaps the highlight of the record is the bridge halfway through that revives Wiley’s perhaps most well-known line to date: “Titties in my phone, from a bitch that is not my bitch,” from he and Kembe X‘s “Dollar Please.” 

“Thug Angel” is a solid record and an overall impressive first release. I’m very excited for the tape and to see how Wiley’s future with Closed Sessions unravels.

Stay tuned for more.

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 12.16.40 AM


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