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[VIDEO]: Freddie Gibbs, Mr. Green and Peruvian Pipers

Easily one of the coolest videos I’ve seen this year.

Noisey has been one of my favorite sites for a minute, and this is a perfect representation of why.

Noisey took Freddie Gibbs, producer Mr. Green, and Peruvian pan pipes crew Espiritu Andino and put together an incredible piece of content for the latest episode of Live From The Streets.

As you’ll see, the crew heads to Times Square where Mr. Green collects some sounds from live performances on the street, then flips them into a beat and hands it over to Freddie Gibbs who lays down an expectedly hard-hitting verse in Vice studios in Brooklyn.

The whole video is dope, but seeing the final product after Gangsta Gibbs steps out of the booth is really something special. He’s one of my favorite emcees in the game, and watching him work and do something out of his usual element makes me have even more respect for both him and Noisey.

On Twitter, Mr. Green said that the entire collection of music compiled from the Live From The Streets series will form a whole album that he’ll be releasing down the road. Stay tuned for more on that.


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