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[VIDEO]: Natural ft. Dutch ReBelle – Follow Em

New visuals for Natural and Dutch ReBelle‘s “Follow ‘Em” off Nat’s 20 Something EP, courtesy of SOS Films.

It doesn’t get much more Boston than this video, and fittingly so, because it doesn’t get much more Boston than Natural and Dutch ReBelle. The two are seemingly everywhere in the city on any given day, and both serve as true ambassadors for the rising Boston hip-hop scene – consistently amassing followers for it as well as themselves as artists.

The video is creative in concept, using the camera as a character that follows Nat and Dutch around the city throughout the course of a day. Appropriately, the last scene takes place in Nat’s stomping grounds, Beacon Hill Pub, with the whole Bargang and FN fan celebrating life, per usual.

Stay tuned for more from Nat, Dutch and the rest of the #12For12 family, and download 20 Something below if you’ve yet to do so.

Download: Natural – 20 Something



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