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[VIDEO PREMIERE]: OG Swaggerdick – Frames Or No Frames

OG Swaggerdick has given the world a one-of-a-kind gift on the first night of the new year.

“Frames Or No Frames” is the best video of 2013. Yes, it’s January 1st and that probably has something to do with it, but give it a month or so and I’m confident it will still be the #rarest and likely strangest video at worst.

The track features OG crooning over an 80’s pop sample for roughly 90 seconds in freestyle form. The abstract, avant-garde style short film features various Boston celebrities including Michael Christmas, Benny Makaveli, Goodwin and 80’s John.

Download the track below after watching the video no less than four times. Stay tuned for much more from OG throughout 2013.

Shot and edited by @GoodwinWinsgood.

DOWNLOAD: OG Swaggerdick – Frames Or No Frames



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