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[VIDEO]: Kembe X – Soundtrack II Armageddon

Earlier today, Chicago native Kembe X unleashed the visuals for the title track off his upcoming EP, Soundtrack II Armageddon.

Kembe’s been one of my favorite up-and-coming artists since I first caught onto him a little over a year ago, and this track and video have me even more excited than I already was for what’s coming next.

The 18-year-old emcee has a captivating style and an always powerful, melodic delivery. The lyricism in “Soundtrack II Armageddon” is what Kembe fans have come to expect, and the dark, introspective track shows him in a different light than most of his previous work did, proving his versatility on a whole new level.

I spoke with Kembe today, and he’s extremely excited about what he’s got in store for the EP and the future in general. Stay tuned for more, TFH will have you covered.



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