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[VIDEO]: Breakfast Bars with Michael Christmas (Episode 1) – Presented by The Fresh Heir

Michael Christmas – one of the fastest rising young rappers out of Boston – is prepping the release of his debut project, FXCK AN EP.

The Fresh Heir is proud to present the first installment of a new video series, “Breakfast Bars with Michael Christmas,” documenting Christmas’s journey as an up-and-coming artist through… well… breakfast.

We linked up with Michael Christmas (AKA Bob Hanukkah, AKA Baby Huey, AKA Young Dirty Bastard, AKA King Koala — see poll below to vote for your favorite name) and visited the Silver Slipper near Dudley Station in Boston for the first episode.

In the video, Christmas gives an update on his life both relating to and outside the music world while he sips on iced tea. Then, as will be the same with each episode, he spits some new heat off his project to wrap things up.

Enjoy episode one of “Breakfast Bars with Michael Christmas,” and stay tuned for more.



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