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[ALBUM]: Lorine Chia – LORINE

Lorine Chia‘s debut album, LORINE, one of my personal most highly-anticipated projects of the fall, just released for free download via

I grabbed the album at midnight, and I’m currently on my third listen through. It’s late and I’ve got Z’s to catch, so I’m gonna get right to the point:

LORINE is one of my favorite albums of the year. I’m a lover of most types of music, but I don’t spend much time keeping up with anything new outside of straight hip-hop. Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange also happens to be one of my favorite projects of 2012, but that and this basically make up the extent of R&B albums I’ve listened through this year, simply because I don’t have the time to spare.

I won’t be forgetting about LORINE anytime soon, though. I first heard of Lorine Chia in early August when she and Chance The Rapper, one of my favorite up-and-coming artists in the game, released a collaborative track called “Living In Vain” – track 8 on the album (LISTEN HERE). Immediately, I noted her incredible singing ability and her uniqueness on a track. The 18-year-old Cameroonian singer from Cleveland captured my attention, and my anticipation for the album has only been building up til this day.

This album fits perfectly in my current rotation, especially with holiday season having officially arrived. It’s Thanksgiving today, and this is the kind of music I not only want to listen to myself, but the kind I want to show to my mom and play over the home speaker system while she’s cooking dinner. I can say something like, “You wouldn’t have had a clue who Lorine Chia was if it wasn’t for me. All your friends will know her name in a year or two, but you can tell them they’re late to the party by then.” Being ahead of the wave doesn’t mean as much to her as it does to me… it probably means nothing. But that doesn’t matter. The point is that through what I’m doing, I get to be a little part of it all. Not anything compared to Lorine and artists like her who are responsible for incredible music… incredible art like this, but I still have a hand in the fun on some level.

I get to take pride in delivering this to the ears of my relatively few, but undeniably passionate followers, and for that, I’m thankful. For this music, I’m thankful. It’s soulful and wholesome, original and introspective, and its one feature is from my favorite up-and-coming rapper of them all. Start to finish, there are literally no holes in this album. It’s a guaranteed incredible listen, and I don’t just throw those kind of terms around.

This quick post turned into a semi-review, but that’s all I’ve got for now. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Please do yourselves a favor and download LORINE below (or by clicking the artwork above). You’ll be thankful.

Stay tuned for more.

DOWNLOAD: Loraine Chia – LORINE (Free Album)


One thought on “[ALBUM]: Lorine Chia – LORINE

  1. Well i ran across this album a few days after the releasement. Gotta say that im impressed! Im amazed by her ability to convey the thoughts we mainly have on a subconscious level. Like you, i can appreciate her collabo with Chance. “Crazy Things” is just straight-forward! “Life Without a Dream” speaks true volumes.

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