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[VIDEO]: Lil B Performs “My Arms Are The Brooklyn Bridge” Live in Boston

Sometimes I go over the top trying to put my admiration for Lil B into words. This time, I’ll say it as explicitly as possible.

I saw the Based God perform for the second time last night. The entire evening – which included Lil B onstage for over two hours (including the time he spent signing autographs and taking pictures after the show) – was extremely positive and enjoyable, but the standout moment for me came when he performed “My Arms Are The Brooklyn Bridge.”

I genuinely love the song, and I just as awe-inspired when listening to it now as I was the first time I heard it. Seeing it live last night was an amazing experience. Lil B had 400 people waving peace signs and chanting, “I love life.” That doesn’t happen. I’m not talking about at hip-hop concerts. That doesn’t happen anywhere. There was so much passion and love in the building, and once again, the Based God was able to prove to Boston that he inspires no matter where he goes.

Thank You Based God. Can’t wait until we meet again.



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