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[VIDEO]: Lil B – California Boy

Unlike many of Lil B The Based God‘s actions, he didn’t drop this monumental video without giving the internet fair warning. Nonetheless, when he did drop it… the world as we knew it changed forever.

“California Boy” is quite possibly the greatest musical advancement of the 21st century to date. Lil B pulled out all the stops for the first single off his debut rock album, and the result is nothing short of a timeless classic – a spectacular, inspirational song with the power to move mountains and change the futures of anyone whose ears are lucky enough to be graced with it. He did with one song what Lil Wayne could have only dreamed of doing with the entire Rebirth album; a seamless transition from hip-hop to rock music with fans not only embracing it with open arms, but yearning for more.

Lil B evokes so much happiness around the globe daily, and once again, it’s on display in his newest video. From scenes of he and his new band (?) jamming, to walking through the city with a beautiful blonde woman on his arm greeting countless gracious fans, to his solo stroll on the beach, nothing but positivity radiates from the Based God, his open-front orange button up, and the earth-shattering track that is “California Boy.”

Please do yourself a favor and purchase the song on iTunes. I bought it six times. Stay tuned for the album release. Thank You Based God.

Rap Genius Lyrics & Analysis: Lil B – California Boy


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