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[VIDEO]: Dillon Cooper – Richie Rich

I’ve been away from the site for the past several days, and though a lot of great music has been dropped off since my last post, the latest from Dillon Cooper takes precedence over everything.

I don’t know if it’s biased to say one of my good friends is one of the best young rappers doing it right now, but I think you’ll start to agree with me soon if you don’t already.

Dillon has released three official videos to date (peep his YouTube channel for those), and in the middle of our 2K game one night last week, he decided he wanted a fourth.

“Richie Rich” is nothing official, but it’s an effortlessly smooth (written) freestyle by Dillon – over an incredible Jenova 7 x Esbe beat – that was captured on camera and edited perfectly by JMP Productions. Dillon dropped it the following day, and per usual, the reception from his fan base has been nothing but positive.

Look out for much more from Dillon Cooper in the near future as he continues to prep his debut mixtape, Season 1.


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