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[VIDEO + Album]: Lightfoot – Boom Bap Rat + “The Rudimentals”

There’s an extraordinary amount of talent in the new rising hip-hop scene of Boston (in case I haven’t said that enough), and one of the top producers in the area, Lightfoot, just released his latest instrumental album titled, The Rudimentals.

Just prior to the album being released on iTunes two days ago, Lightfoot unleashed this video (watch above) for “Boom Bap Rat,” one of the album’s eleven tracks.

The animation in the video was created by Caroline Torres, who did a phenomenal job with the execution of the project. The video fits the imaginative, otherworldly beat perfectly, and the animation is so engaging I had to watch it multiple times in one sitting. The instrumental is entrancing enough on its own, but the visual presentation of “Boom Bap Rat” really sold it for me.

Follow the link below to download The Rudimentals on iTunes for just $4.99, and particularly if you’re an emcee, you ought to CLICK HERE and connect with Lightfoot as soon as possible.

DOWNLOAD: Lightfoot – The Rudimentals


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