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[VIDEO]: J. Lye – City On My Back

This video’s been a long time coming, and I’m glad to say it was worth the wait.

J. Lye released “City On My Back” as part of his Complete Until Success mixtape last fall – just about a year ago – and it was undoubtedly the hit record right off the bat. It’s a great, prideful track about the city he and so many others call home, and the newly-released Two Taps Production video certainly does it justice.

J. Lye recruited a handful of Boston artists and other figures in the local hip-hop scene for appearances in the video, and by doing so made it truly about the city of Boston and the community that’s brought together by hip-hop.

Featured in “City On My Back” – besides J. Lye, Jus Clide and Yung Bean (who all have great verses on the track) – are Lisa Bello, Maye Star, J The S, Serge Didenko, Millyz, a handful of #12For12 artists at the Green Street Jungle, Superjew, Leedz, Teddy Roxpin, and more.

This is an anthemic track as it is, but by involving so many other recognizable heads in the video, J. Lye made this a memorable one that’s a great representation of the city I’ve grown to love very quickly in my time here.


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