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[VIDEO]: Aziz – My Own World (Prod. by 2Astronauts)

Aziz dropped off this dope new video a few days ago, continuing what’s been a hot summer as he preps his upcoming fall release.

“My Own World,” produced by 2Astronauts, is definitely a different look for the up-and-comer, but I’m a big fan. Aziz has been killing it since the first time he caught my attention a little over a year ago, but I always wondered what his lane would be. With this new track and everything else that he’s been doing lately, the direction is becoming clearer and clearer.

“My Own World” is an introspective track in which Aziz truly does take a look into his own world, questioning everything from his nationality to his future, and the result is an honest, feel good record that makes me feel like I know Aziz a little better than I did yesterday.

The video was directed by Turker MacDonald of TM Productions.

DOWNLOAD: Aziz – My Own World || Aziz – My Own World (CLEAN)


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