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The Fresh Heir presents… an Exclusive Interview with Pavy

Anyone that’s familiar with this site knows that although TFH is based in Boston, we have a pretty good grip on what’s going on in Chicago. In terms of the sheer amount of fast-rising hip-hop talent, there might not be a city that’s ahead of the Windy one right now. From artists like Chance The Rapper to Kembe X to Cashflow Ellis… the list goes on for a while… Chi-Town is killing it.

Pavy, a 21-year-old emcee from the same city, hasn’t made as much noise as some of the biggest names – not yet at least – but he’s steadily proving himself as one of the brightest young talents a city filled with buzzing artists has to offer.

I caught up with him several weeks ago and got to speak with him about everything from his latest project, Middle Class Ignorance, to his affiliation with S.U.H. Entertainment, to what the future and the album he’s currently working on – Theory of Defiance – has in store. Pavy also touched on he and Sir Michael Rocks’ joint track, “Heroin,” which is dropping THIS WEDNESDAY.

Pavy is an insightful, unique and above all, extremely talented artist who has a bright future in store. Enjoy the exclusive interview presented by The Fresh Heir, and be sure to stay tuned for more.


TFH: Who are you? Introduce yourself for anyone who might not be familiar.

Pavy: I’m Pavy, a future cultural icon that really just wants to leave a legacy and doesn’t focus on too much else in life.

TFH: How did you get started rapping? And when did you realize it was something you really wanted to take seriously?

Pavy: Honestly, I just came home one day after my freshman year of high school and thought to myself, “You know what, I’ma write a rap today because I need to release from all of the problems I’m going through.” But after a while it became a daily thing, and I really started to take it seriously around the age of 16. I basically clocked out of everything else in life to rap then.

TFH: Who are some of your inspirations in rap?

Pavy: No artist ever inspired me because growing up, no one spoke on issues that pertained to me. So my influences literally just come from everyday life and history. I’m a huge history buff.

TFH: What’s the scene in Chicago like?

Pavy: It’s cool, I don’t really submerge myself too deep in the scene here because my find is focused on taking over the world and not just one city, but it’s cool I guess. It’s a lot of people with buzes so that’s always great. It’s always good to see people prosper.

TFH: What’s been the defining moment in your career so far?

Pavy: I don’t think I’ll have one until like, I win a Grammy or stand on a stage in front of 100 thousnd people. Right now I’m pretty numb to everything. I don’t get happy or excited about too much because I really haven’t done anything, so I’m still waiting for that moment.

TFH: There was a good amount of buzz surrounding the release of Middle Class Ignorance. What was your goal with that album? How did you feel about the general reception to it?

Pavy: Honestly, when I started I just wanted to prove to myself that I could make a project and actually have it be good. But as time progressed, I really wanted to create a culture with the album and speak to people that hadn’t been spoken to in hip-hop before. As far as the reception, it was cool. I feel like a lot of people didn’t take the time to fully understand it, but the videos definitely helped a lot.

TFH: Do you have a favorite track off MCI?

Pavy: “The Uprising,” which is the intro, because it’s so personal to me… like, that’s literally my whole life put on a record for you to hear.

TFH: Talk a little bit about your label and your affiliation with The Boy Illinois, who’s now a part of it.

Pavy: It’s great man, everybody at SUH has their own sound and style. Like a lot of labels have five artists that are basically the same, but us we’ll all just do whatever the hell we want to do. And picking up Illi [The Boy Illinois] was great, man. He’s a great artist that I respect and it’s really cool to work with him. We’re actually working on a compilation called The Syndicate that we just recorded for tracks for. So look out for that.

TFH: Theory of Defiance, your next project – what can people expect from that? What are your goals? Any major features people can look out for?

Pavy: People can expect more energy, more personal lyrics and just overall progression. Like, people don’t know I finished MCI five months before it came out, so I’ve been working on TOD since August. And hell, I want this project to put me on the map. With the way things are, you never know what might happen so hopefully it gives me a much bigger fan base and stamps me like, okay, this guy right here is for real. As far as features, yeah, the first official single features Mikey Rocks. It’s called “Heroin,” and drops this Wednesday, August 8th.

TFH: How about the webisode series leading up to TOD? Can you give us some info on that?

Pavy: Yeah, basically it’s just my everyday life but in TV form. It won’t just be studio footage either because I don’t do rapper things all day. I’m a regular person. I chill and play video games too.

TFH: One of the first shots of the “Pointless Rap Song” video is you in a bumblebee suite holding up posters of Dikembe Mutombo (watch below). Talk about that track and what it means to be able to have fun with hip-hop.

Pavy: Yeah, I do a lot of serious videos but I just wanted to give the people something to laugh at, and Vic [Spencer] is hilarious anyway as a human being so I had to do something funny. As far as the track , I think people lost the message with the video. The song actually had meaning to it, I just thought it would be cool to name it our “Pointless Rap Song.” But basically the meaning was for all you other artists out there to SOP MAKING POINTLESS RAP SONGS!

TFH: Are there certain artists or producers you’ve really enjoyed working with?

Pavy: Yeah, as far as artists, just everyone that’s on SUH so that would be D2G, The Boy Illinois, Capital K and Mr. Gage. As far as producers, I’d have to say DC and Coop are my favorites to work with, they challenge me a lot sonically.

TFH: Outside of rap, what do you do? What’s your life like?

Pavy: A lot of history channel and a lot of staying at home. I don’t really like going out, like I hate parties and stuff like that. I’d rather just sit and chill.

TFH: What can people look out for in the near future?

Pavy: Definitely look out for that “Heroin” record with Mikey Rocks, then TOD later this year. Also, random records and hella videos as well as my webseries in between there.


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