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[VIDEO]: Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools (Drank)

Kendrick Lamar releases the brand new set of visuals to go along with his recently-released track, “Swimming Pools” (Drank).”

If you aren’t one of the many people that consider Kendrick to be the best rapper alive… I suggest you reconsider. K.Dot has proven himself on so many levels already in his young career, and this video is an incredible example of both versatility and progression.

Kendrick has the ability to cover such a wide variety of subject material, and with “Swimming Pools,” he ventures into a dark part of his past that he had never spoken on before. Nevertheless, he puts together the song so eloquently that it can double as both a twisting exposition and a head-nodder that you can simply kick back and vibe to.

I’m a huge fan of this video. It’s simplistic yet evokes such powerful emotion, and the color choices used throughout are absolutely brilliant. Kendrick wins again. So does hip-hop.


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