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[VIDEO]: Aziz ft. Mike Irving – City Livin’

I’ve got a lot of new music to catch up on after being away the past several days, but as I said on Twitter yesterday, I knew “City Livin'” was gonna have to be the first song I peeped… and I’m glad I made that decision.

I’m always looking out for new music from Aziz, but what really made me want to check out this track/video more than anything else was how dope the last Mike Irving production was – when he linked up with Evolfo Doofeht and Charmingly Ghetto for “Outdated,” a great track with an even better accompanying video.

Not surprisingly, “City Livin'” is an equally impressive product. Co-produced by Irving and SKetcho, the track has such a perfect laid-back, summer feel, Irving handles the hook, and Aziz lays down a couple of the freshest verses I’ve heard from him – a great return to the blogosphere following his standout project, TwentyOne (read my review HERE), which he dropped in March.

On top of the song, the SEMIproductions video (directed and shot by Irving and George Warren) is about as clean as it gets with a fitting summery vibe.

I don’t know when the next Mike Irving collaborative track/video is coming, but I know it’ll slide right to the top of my music priority list whenever it arrives. (NOTE: His Until My Heart Stops EP drops on August 6th). Stay tuned for more, and be sure to download “City Livin'” below.

DOWNLOAD: City Livin’ – Aziz ft. Mike Irving (FREE) or on iTunes (click image)


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