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[New Music]: J. Cole – The Cure

Man… this feels good. After over three months of inactivity on his Twitter and even longer with no new music, Jermaine drops off this new track out of the blue, with the opening message as follows:

“Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, to a brand new season. Dreamville. Cole World. So much has happened in our time apart. I can’t wait to share it with you all in due time. Did you miss me? I know I missed you.”

“The Cure” features J. Cole going in on a four minute loop of the WTT/Beyonce hit, “Lift Off.” While this is far from his best track – it’s certainly lacking the hunger of a younger Cole – it’s undoubtedly a step in the right direction.

It’s a sincere track with a clear message, and I won’t hesitate to say I’m excited for whatever Cole’s got planned for the future… and I wasn’t saying that yesterday.

“The Cure” is a feel-good cut that provides some much-needed answers as to where Jermaine’s been, and the song definitely came at the perfect time (and with the perfect amount of hype surrounding it – NONE). As simple and direct a track as it is, J. Cole restored my faith in him with this one. Stay tuned for more.

“I appreciate your patience. I assure you, it’ll be well worth the wait…” – J. Cole


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