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[VIDEO]: An Exclusive Interview with Derrick Cheung of Green Street Vault

If you’ve spent any time in Boston this past year, you’ve at the very least heard about Green Street Vault.

The first “mobile streetwear retailer” in the city of Boston hit the road last summer, and until about three months ago, the big green truck with TVs on the side and music constantly blasting out the windows was everywhere (like HERE, for example).

But then, the good times screeched to a halt… only to give way to a brand new pop-up shop on Newbury Street known as the Green Street Jungle – open now through the end of July.

Check out the exclusive interview with Derrick Cheung, founder of Green Street Vault and graduate of Emerson College Class of 2012, and watch as he talks about this history of the truck, the collaborative effort with GSV and Annie Mulz that is the Jungle, and what it’s like being a young entrepreneur in Boston.

Green Street Vault x The Fresh Heir x Decriminals. Interview shot by Ian Steinbach and edited by Evan Mann.


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