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[VIDEO]: Bigg Dee ft. Maye Star – No Sleep

Bigg Dee and Maye Star have officially ended my blog vacation. I took a short break from posting new material, simply because I’ve been so busy with my hip-hop endeavors outside of the website, but the official video for “No Sleep” just dropped… which means my priorities have changed.

The high-energy track off Bigg Dee’s new mixtape, TOTB: This Is Only The Beginning, features two of the most buzzed-about up-and-coming rappers in Boston. Both Dee and Maye Star have garnered significant fan bases over the course of the past year, and both have come a long way since the first time I started posting their music. This track is special for me, not just because it’s dope as hell and might end up being the party anthem of the summer, but because the collaboration signifies what #12For12 is all about (click the link to read more).

Bigg Dee and the #Chefs, as well as Maye Star (and a boatload of supporting cast members), linked up with Decriminals for the official set of visuals to go along with the track. The video contains shots from the TOTB Release Party at the Middle East Upstairs and from the after-party following the concert. The energy captured in the video is pretty much how everyone feels listening to “No Sleep,” so in that sense, it’s about as effective a visual accompaniment as it gets.

Stay tuned for more from Bigg Dee and Maye Star – and the rest of Boston’s slew of talented young artists for that matter – and be sure to hit the links below.

@Bigg_Dee_ on Twitter

@TheMayeStar on Twitter

DOWNLOAD: TOTB: This Is Only The Beginning


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