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[VIDEO]: Joey Bada$$ – Songs From Scratch

Nothing like seeing a great concept executed by one of the best young rappers alive.

Joey Bada$$ has been making all kinds of waves lately, most recently with his “Hardknock” video, and soon to be with his mixtape 1999 which hits the interwebs on June 12th.

The 17-year-old is being called the “future of hip-hop” by many, and it seems that it’s with good reason. The Brooklyn native is bringing back that raw, real hip-hop sound that’s spent the past few years out of the limelight (though it’s definitely starting to make a strong return), and between his image and his impeccable flow, there’s no doubt he’s going to blow up – it’s just a matter of how big he’s going to get.

Anyway, this video documents one afternoon where Yours Truly Media and Adidas Originals teamed up to bring Joey and Pro-Era producer Chuck Strangers to Brooklyn’s Dunham Studios to record a new song from scratch as part of their appropriately-titled “Songs From Scratch” series.

Chuck made the beat just the night before, and as Joey explains, he simply took some bars he had “stored in the back of his head,” and together they created and recorded the new track titled “Daily Routine” in a matter of hours.

The track will be available for free download tomorrow.


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