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[New Music]: Joey Bada$$ ft. CJ Fly – Hardknock (Official Video)

Here’s another video I meant to post as soon as I saw it when it first dropped last week.

Joey Bada$$, the fast-rising 16-year-old rapper from Brooklyn, has been absolutely killing it lately, and “Hardknock” (prod. by Lewis Parker, featuring CJ Fly) is the latest set of visuals.

This track is set to appear on Joey’s upcoming 1999 project, which will drop on Tuesday, June 12th. I can’t get over how smooth “Hardknock” is. The beat is beautiful, Joey absolutely kills it, and CJ’s verse is definitely not to be slept on.

What’s perhaps most significant about this video is the fact that it’s been on MTV and is almost at 100,000 views in a week. Joey Bada$$ is bringing back that raw Brooklyn flavor like few have done in recent years, but at the same time he’s getting love from the most mainstream television channel in the world – one that’s notorious for playing nothing but the same nonsense every day.

Does Joey have what it takes to bring real hip-hop to the forefront of American culture? Time will tell. For now, listen and enjoy, and be ready for 1999 next Tuesday. I have a feeling it’s going to rock a lot of peoples’ worlds.

Check out the original instrumental from Lewis Parker, called “Eyes Of Dreams,” below.


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