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[New Music]: Danny Brown – Grown Up (Official Video)

It comes as absolutely no surprise to me that this new video from Danny Brown is one of the dopest videos of the year.

With production from Party Supplies, “Grown Up” is a fantastic track – one with a different feel than what we’re used to from Danny. It doesn’t have the clashing, almost uncomfortable (but still in a good way) sound that most tracks off XXX did, but rather a smooth, melodic one with a vintage hip-hop style.

The video, directed by Greg Brunkalla, couldn’t have possibly been any better. A young, perfectly-dressed Danny Brown rolls through the city on his bike (with the assistance of training wheels) and wreaks havoc whenever possible. Everything is all fun and games til his bike wheel catches a crack in the street and he flips over the handlebars – revealing the truth about what happened to his front teeth.

Great song, even better video. Download it via iTunes below – just released today.

DOWNLOAD: Danny Brown – Grown Up (iTunes)


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