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[New Music]: Chuuwee ft. Dutch ReBelle – B.Y.O. Weed

This is the part of the show where I catch up on songs, videos, etc. that I’ve been meaning to post for the past week. It’s hard out here for a pimp.

So last Thursday, Amalgam Digital label-mates Chuuwee and Dutch ReBelle dropped a joint track called “B.Y.O. Weed” – the second single off Chuuwee’s upcoming Wild Style album. The project was originally set to drop on May 29th, but in Chuuwee’s words:

“I know, I know some of yall gone hate me for this. The fact of the matter however is that its just not time yet. I want to get BIGGER BETTER features and production as well as give the people involved more time to handle their verses and things also. So do please bear with me. WILDSTYLE! will be out This Summer!!!”

Knowing the incredible amount of work that’s already gone into and will continue to go into Chuuwee’s debut album, the delay didn’t even bother me a little bit.

The fact that “B.Y.O. Weed” premiered two days later just made the whole situation even better. I’m a big fan of the track, and it’s exciting to see two artists I’ve gotten to know well this year getting the national recognition they deserve for their respective talents. Chuuwee and Dutch both killed this shit.

Stay tuned for more. As all the cool kids are saying, #AmalgamBack.

DOWNLOAD: Chuuwee ft. Dutch ReBelle – B.Y.O. Weed


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