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[VIDEO]: An Evening at the Green Street Jungle

Innovation. Creativity. Support. Unity. Hip-hop.

These are the kind of words that seem to be popping up everywhere in the city of Boston lately, particularly within the walls of the Green Street Jungle.

After being driven off the streets, Green Street Vault teamed up with Boston-based clothing company Annie Mulz (“The Animal In Man”) and set up a pop-up shop on Newbury Street, appropriately called the Jungle. The shop opened for business early this month and is set to remain open through July.

The location isn’t permanent, but what the Jungle is creating is. Until the day that the shop closes its doors for good, GSV and Annie Mulz will be (and already have been) providing the city with truly unique social and cultural events intended to fuel passion and encourage innovation.

Last night, the Jungle hosted Moe Pope and John Robinson – two nationally respected hip-hop artists – for a free, in-store performance. By the time things got underway around 9:30 PM, the shop was filled to capacity and good vibes filled every corner of the room

The Fresh Heir was in the building, the Collab Projekt was in the building, The Brain Trust was in the building, Decriminals were in the building, DJ Goulet was in the building, and a slew of local rappers including Natural, J The S, Mark Merren, and Bigg Dee & the ChefBoyz were in there too.

Not only did Moe and JR put on a great show, but the evening served as a wonderful networking event and an overall positive experience for everyone who turned out.

Watch above as Steve Aldeus and Michael Toney of Annie Mulz and Derrick Cheung of GSV preview the night’s events and provide the crowd with a brief overview of what their respective brands and collective mission are all about. The video was put together by Decriminals, and as you’ll see at the end of it, live footage from John Robinson and Moe Pope’s performances is on the way.

If you haven’t been down to the Jungle yet, make sure you do that sooner than later – 252 Newbury Street. There won’t be a single person not welcomed with open arms. Keep an eye out for future events too, there’ll be plenty of them this summer.

“Even though you look to the left and look to the right, you may not know everyone around you, but we’re all a family. We’re here to bring Boston together and make this city what it can be.” – Derrick Cheung

#12For12 – The hip-hop unity movement of 2012.

Video shot and edited by Ian Steinbach of Decriminals. More coming soon.


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