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[EXCLUSIVE]: The Fresh Heir Interviews Moufy + The Preparation (Download)

It’s been less than twelve hours since Moufy dropped The Preparation, yet the download count on Datpiff is already up over 2,500. This should come as a surprise to just about no one, though. The Boston rapper burst onto the New England scene with his much-heralded sophomore mixtape, Boston Lights, last summer, and over the course of the past half a year, his buzz and his grind have only increased tenfold.

Between performing in front of sold out crowds up and down the east coast and constantly writing and recording, the Roxbury native has had his hands full the last several months, but the hard work came to fruition yesterday with the highly-anticipated release of The Preparation.

Last week, The Fresh Heir and Decriminals had a chance to link up with Moufy for an exclusive video interview (above) in which he discussed the whirlwind that has been the past year, his expectations for The Preparation and the future, Nerlens Noel and the Star Gang Athletes, and much more.

We were lucky enough to spend an hour with he and his team in-studio shooting the interview and listening to several tracks off the mixtape. After downloading The Preparation and listening through it in its entirety, I’m happy to say the whole project is just as good as the few songs we got to hear early a week ago. Moufy spoke about how he wanted this collection of music to highlight the progress he’s made since Boston Lights, and it does just that.

Click the cover art below to download The Preparation… and don’t be afraid to leave a comment on YouTube if you’re a fan of the interview!

Interview filmed by Ian Steinbach and Will Finnegan, edited by Evan Mann.

Special thanks to Moufy, Kyle Umemba, and the Star Gang team.


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