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[New Music]: Zero – Thank You (Official Video)

GoodKarma Gang’s own Zero just released this new set of visuals for “Thank You,” his latest track over that infamous Shady 2.0 Cypher beat.

I first became familiar with Zero last week when he came through the Green Street Jungle on Newbury Street in Boston and took part in what many artists were calling one of the best cyphers the city’s seen in a long time. One of the shining stars of the cypher was undoubtedly Zero, who you can check out in the video below (starting at 2:02).

Shot by Seun Ajewole and Samson Awosan of S.O.S. Boston, this video is a clean visual accompaniment to a dope track featuring some of the realest bars you’ll hear this month. GoodKarma is doing it big, and anyone that familiar with the movement knows it’s about to be an exciting summer.

I highlighted some of my favorite bars below, but download “Thank You” HERE and decide for yourself. Enjoy, and as always, stay tuned for more.

“This was written smokin purp so the speakers loud, this track was easy like all the girls that you be around…”

“Visions of money and riches are the only thing that’s runnin’ my mind, got you closin’ doors and shuttin’ your blinds, you ain’t fuckin’ with mine…”


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