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[New Music]: 2ndNature – Throwback (Official Video)

The highly-anticipated video for 2ndNature’s “Throwback” has officially arrived, and I’ll go as far as to say the visuals go even harder than the track itself… so you can draw your own conclusions.

In all seriousness, this SKetcho-produced track is bonkers. I’m taking a trip home this weekend for the first time in a few months, and this is without a doubt gonna be one of the first songs I throw on when I’m back behind the wheel of my whip. The beat absolutely bangs, and 2ndNature flows effortlessly despite the change in style from his past couple of of releases. I saw him perform “Throwback” live last month, and let’s just say you need to make a point of seeing it live for yourself. This track alone got a tired crowd off its feet the second the beat dropped and had everyone in the building going nuts by the time it ran all the way through.

The video, shot by Max Friedlander and edited by he and Mike Irving, has that Purple Swag-style tint to it and complements the track perfectly. The visual grittiness matches the rawness of the beat, and on top of that, we get a cameo from A-Rayz. Is there anything better?

Stay tuned for more from 2ndNature. His upcoming mixtape, Mosaic, is coming sooner than you know, and some big news regarding its release is coming even sooner.

For the time being, hit him up on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest.


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