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[VIDEO]: Caliph Freestyle (Presented by S.O.S.)

I always say that there’s no such thing as too much material like this out there from an up-and-coming rapper on his grind. Reppin’ that GoodKarma collective, Caliph dropped this new 60-second freestyle last night that was filmed by S.O.S. outside of GK’s “The Collective Show” event at Church Boston last month.

It’s a minute of hard-hitting bars and simply hip-hop in its rawest form. Great to see Caliph putting his ridiculous skill set on display as he preps the release of Heart In Mind, his upcoming album set to be released through GOODKarma Music Group. Be on the lookout. Stay tuned.

“…hittin’ all these Yokos with Ohnos, damn, all she wanted was a photo, but think about it, who is she after, is it me or the logo? We all want this fame in the game, I’m just here to bring change to the game and get it jumpin’ like a pogo…”


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