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[New Music]: D-Note – Mercy (Freestyle)

Something tells me D-Note was done with hearing the same tired flows over the latest G.O.O.D. Music hit. Plenty of rappers have stepped up to the plate and taken on “Mercy” in the past few weeks, but a lot their renditions have been sounding awfully alike. 

As soon as D-Note told me he was gonna go in on the track, I knew it was going to be crazy, but more importantly, I knew it was gonna sound nothing like anyone else’s version. Biting flows is a term that’s simply not in D-Note’s vocabulary. Originality is always delivered, and this freeverse on “Mercy” is no different.

The Love, The Life, The Limits is set to release on June 1st. D-Note’s sophomore mixtape is shaping up nicely, so be ready. Stay tuned.

“…the next thing up in the Bean, Shooting Star yeah you lookin’ at me, on point like the ‘bows on Metta World Peace..”


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