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[VIDEO]: Natural – Midnight Marauders Freestyle

Two Sundays ago (4/29), Boston’s own Natural blessed WTBU’s Midnight Marauders radio show with his presence, and after a nine minute freestyle session, he left the studio like it’s never been left before.

As part of the Midnight Marauders x The Fresh Heir Freestyle Series, Nat chose to go in on the Jay-Z/DMX classic “Money, Cash, Hoes,” Ja Rule’s “Clap Back,” and The LOX’s “Recognize.” As I said on Twitter just a few minutes ago, if you aren’t ready for bars… and I mean BARS… maybe you should think twice about watching this.

It was a full house in-studio that night, and the energy was definitely in the building. The fan favorite line had to be:

“…try and kill me, you best be damn sure, even if you don’t I’ll be back, Hologram Tour..”

But of course I had to appreciate:

…I’m the best here, me and the mic that’s a fresh pair, gettin’ local love now, salute The Fresh Heir…”

Bottom line: There’s nine minutes of that. Natural went off, and there’s going to be a lot more where that came from in the near future.

Download The Bartender if you’ve yet to do so to get a taste of what The Bartender himself is all about as an artist. It’s his first project, and he’s got some CRAZY stuff lined up for the future. Time to hop on the bandwagon while there’s still room.


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