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[New Music]: Poetic Killa – Rap Ain’t Real (ft. Young Buck, Kali, D-illin, Lil Crazed – prod. A-Rayz)

Boston producer A-Rayz hit my inbox last night with one of the hardest-hitting tracks I’ve heard in a long time, and Poetic Killa’s “Rap Ain’t Real,” with a slew of high-profile features, has been on repeat since.

Young Buck’s name on the credits was the first thing that caught my eye. Aside from his recent legal troubles that made headlines, the ex-G-Unit member hasn’t been nearly as relevant musically for the past several years as he was in the mid-2000s. At least on some level, though, Buck is back and going as hard as ever, unleashing whatever rage he has bottled up on the first verse of “Rap Ain’t Real.” Though brief, the verse is refreshing, and it’s great to hear some new bars from Buck.

As for the rest of the track, perhaps what stands out most is the unusual but effective conglomeration of artists and styles. It’s a lineup seemingly drafted out of thin air, but the end result is a sound, extremely catchy track focused on a single central theme. Poetic handles the second verse, followed by D-illin and finally Kali, with Lil Crazed on the hook. All five, Young Buck included, approach the track differently, but it works. For a track with four verses, “Rap Ain’t Real” moves along nicely, and there’s never an energy drop-off. Much of that has to do with the high-octane A-Rayz beat, but all five MCs add a unique element and make this track well worth a listen.

“We went from rappin’ real, to rap ain’t real…”

Check out the links below, and stay tuned for more.


“Rap Ain’t Real” – Mixed and Mastered by @TheSKetcho

Poetic Killah on Facebook

Lil Crazed on Facebook

D-illin on Facebook

Young Buck on Facebook

A-Rayz Music on Facebook

SKetcho Productions on Facebook



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