DropTheR.Net Launching Tomorrow












In the hip-hop world, any type of new endeavor or movement is always exciting. I’ve been hearing about “Drop The R” for a little while now – mostly through minor rumblings on Facebook and Twitter, but all of the sudden the buzz has increased significantly, and tomorrow, Matt Whitlock will officially be unveiling what we’ve all been waiting for.

According to the man himself, is a “unity and support based website/hub for indie Hip-Hop artists of all kinds to showcase their work and connect with like individuals on a ‘give-to-get’ support platform. If we see talent, drive, and you supporting other individuals, then we will support you as well.”

With The Fresh Heir, I’m all about bringing fresh, original ideas to the scene, and at least on paper, Drop The R seems to embody just that. Details are still scarce, but I know I’m excited to see what tomorrow’s (5/2) 12 PM (EST) launch has in store for the Boston hip-hop scene and beyond.

Here’s some more brief notes on what you should be looking out for from Drop The R following its launch tomorrow afternoon (check out the Facebook fan page too):

The culture/industry has come too far for it to boil down to a harsh, winner-take-all competition. There’s enough room at the table for all the talent to eat – so let’s connect, build, work and grow together, establishing a main source for quality indie Hip-Hop! features indie artists (rappers/singers/bands/spoken word), videographers, DJs, producers, and designers (graphic/web/fashion) from all over the world. Boston, being our home, will be the site’s most-featured city, but love will be shown internationally. Good music is good music!


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