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Thank You Based God – Lil B Announces November Boston Concert – RARE LOCATION REVEALED: Get Tix Here

UPDATE 9/27: Rare Location Revealed!!!

Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge MA. 7 pm. Monday, 11/7.

GET TICKETS HERE WHILE THEY LAST!!!: Lil B The Based God Boston Tickets


I returned from a horrendously boring night of class tonight to possibly the most glorious bit of news I’ve come across all week.

Right at the top of my Facebook news feed was a new post from Lil B The Based God. Now, just about everything Lil B posts is entertaining to me, so anytime he’s on the top of my home page it’s a good thing, but this time was unlike any other.

Here’s what I saw:


He’s posted something like this so many times, but “Boston” has always been substituted by some other city. I’ve always dreamed of one day seeing “Boston” following an announcement of one of Based God’s famed rare performances, and tonight my dream came true.

I don’t know where this is taking place, what time, or how much it’s going to cost, but I will be there. I have class 6-9 on Monday nights. I don’t care. I will be in attendance for Lil B’s rare performance. There is no question.

I turn 21 on November 5th. I might head home for the weekend to see my family back in Connecticut like I usually do, but when I get back in Boston, I will be ready to celebrate in full on Monday night, November 7th, when I finally get to see Lil B The Based God live in action. I cannot express my excitement in words. I’ve basically been doing a case study of this dude for the past five months, and I’ve come to the conclusion that he is brilliant. His funny songs and videos are downright hilarious, and his legit stuff like the masterpiece that is I’m Gay (I’m Happy) is some of the most lyrical material of the year. Lil B is a vital breath of fresh heir (see what I did there?) in the hip-hop game, and I can’t wait to be a witness to the greatness.

Lil B, if you’re reading this (and for the rest of you – don’t think he isn’t. He read my review of his last album and posted it on FB and Twitter), there would be no better birthday gift than having the opportunity to meet you when you come to Boston. Let’s make it happen.

More information to come as all the Rare Details get revealed in the near future. For now, circle November 7th on your calendar. For us Bostonians, there is no question it will be the most Based day of the year.


4 thoughts on “Thank You Based God – Lil B Announces November Boston Concert – RARE LOCATION REVEALED: Get Tix Here

  1. I fuck wit Lil B Based God so hard…everybody keeps hating on me but the guy is a briliiant artist. I hope he tells everyone when and where the concert will be so I can get front row fuckin tickets…. I just seen your video to Street Dreams and there’s no better news than the fact that you are really coming to Boston. You really do fucks with us, got a lot of #BasedRespect for that.

    “Everyday something, the weather doesn’t help it, the heat make him pop off shots like B’s Celtics. Boston, every hood always see the flossin” -Lil B

    Lil B can I get a follow or mention, it would be the best thing that ever happen to me on Twitter.

  2. This is great news, you already know I got my ticket…writing it up too, whatup. All these boston cats I know aren’t fuckin with B cause they’re on that traditional boom bap ish, you know, dinosaur rap. I don’t think Boston’s ready for based god…

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